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Website Design and Digital Marketing

Ongoing Website Support

Once implemented, a website is not a finished piece like a brochure or a video. The most important reason for this is that a company or organization needs to change its message to reflect ongoing activities and communicate the changes effectively to its information consumers. 

A sitemap is a great tool for planning website changes
A visual sitemap is a great tool for planning website changes and updates.

After your new website goes live, you will want to know that you will continue to receive ongoing website support for changes, upgrades and routine maintenance. These are just a few of the areas in which you might want assistance:

  • Monitoring website uptime
  • Setting up new email addresses
  • Assistance in reducing email spam
  • Compiling summary website traffic reports
  • Changes to website content (page content, images, new navigation links)
  • Modifying response forms
  • Posting testimonials or reordering the appearance of testimonials
  • Adding website functionality (Ads, lead generation forms, slideshows, video, audio, social media icons)

Many of these items just take a few minutes for someone who is experienced in managing your website, but they might be changes or management functions that the website owner doesn't want to be involved in so that they can focus on their core competencies.

It is also true that websites that change frequently tend to receive higher keyword rankings because the content is perceived as "fresh."

With hpdDesign, you can be assured that we will be available for timely help on any of your support issues.