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Website Design and Digital Marketing

Advantages to Managed Website Hosting

hpdDesign administers the hosting for most of our website design clients.  Deciding where to host your website can be one of the trickiest parts to setting up your website.  There is a temptation to look for the cheapest solution, but there are two relevant folk expressions, "You get what you pay for," and "There is no free lunch."  What you want is a cost-effective service that will provide a hosting solution tailored to your website needs, including traffic capacity, server file capacity (important if you have videos or archival quality documents available to the public), php memory settings, email deliverability and the latest versions of server and web service software along with security updates.

Dependent on your needs, we can arrange for hosting for any size website, from low-budget single sites to those needing VPS or dedicated servers.

Included Administrative Services

  • hpdDesign takes care of setting up the host services
  • Since the client typically is unfamiliar with hosting technical specifications, they can be certain that the hosting account will be a good technical fit to the website design
  • Makes sure that hosting accounts stay current
  • Manage and document hosting account user login information
  • Troubleshoot issues, typically before the client is aware of them
  • Setup new email addresses when needed and provide assistance in configuring your email client
  • Make sure the CMS framework modules stay current with updates and security releases (if Drupal or Wordpress is being used).
  • Backup the database additional to the host server company’s backups
  • Make regular subjective assessments of hosting speed
  • Several times a year do actual speed tests
  • Setup a Google Webmaster account to monitor search engine crawl data and other relevant webmaster data
  • Setup a Google Analytics account for traffic statistics
  • Provide advice and recommendations on capacity issues
  • Troubleshoot domain name issues
  • Make sure domain registrations stay up to date  
  • Restore the site if it gets hacked
  • Ramrod the change if the server needs to be changed for any reason related to technical issues. (Issues unrelated to capacity problems outside the original specifications)
  • Fast reaction time to server issues

Peace of Mind

When hpdDesign handles the hosting, all the technical issues are transparent to the client.  They don’t even realize or have to be concerned with what is done in the background.  But when issues come up, the support we provide is invaluable.